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There are wild berries, autumn and crisp long walks and then there is our blackcurrant flavour, which gives off a fruity, deep and rich aroma.


Strong distinctive banana flavour is beautifully sweet and it helps to give a smooth rounded flavour which fish find highly attractive.


This essence is a P. G. based flavour with a soft,  fishy aroma and taste.

Herring Bait

With an aroma of fresh herrings, this fishy flavour has hooked many a carp.



Beautifully sweet, summer strawberry aroma.

Smells of sweet, soft, creamy toffee flavour aroma and taste.


This fishy tuna essence has a strong, fishy smell, as to be expected.


Thankfully this is fresh lobster aroma, not the smell from bad ‘gone off’  lobster that would leave your house smelling like an uncleaned  fish market.


Carps love this tigernut smell and this oil is a consistent catcher of large carp when mixed with other flavours. Try mixing with some fruit flavours for some real pow!

Cranberry is both sweet and sour. This flavour is an ideal mixer flavour for all bait types.


Thick shrimp paste liquid.



German sausage smell. Personally evocative of eating Frankfurter at Berlin Christmas Market at the start of the naughties.

Honey attracts more than bees, it is also a great snack bait, sweet and sticky it will compliment any bait creation.


This Crayfish Concentrate is a powerful and very successful additive which when added to any meal baits, gives off a rounded distinctive aroma that has been a proven fish catcher, over many seasons.

This condensed caviar is the best you can buy, and is "Bake Stable" which means It will not lose its flavour after being out in the water for at least a couple of hours, adding 4 to 6 ml to every pound of mix used.



This scampi concentrate is another outstanding shellfish type concentrate containing a blend of powerful flavour components when this concentrate is used in conjunction with other flavours such as plum concentrate or even cranberry concentrate.


This bubblegum flavour has a sweet shop sugary sweet bubblegum aroma, you’ll recognise it as soon as you smell it.


Black Cherry
This has a full bodied aroma and, if you like to tip taste your bait additives, it has a strong black cherry lingering sweet taste. You can sprinkle this on your maggots and let them get covered in this sweet black cherry, or it is equally as great with boilie mixes, method & stick mixes.


Fishy Mackerel

A strong, smooth & full fishy mackerel flavour makes for distinctive fish bait additive.


Squid And Octopus
Double the flavour with the mix of squid and octopus. It gives a really unique fishy smells that only come with this mixture. Ideal for carp fishing, really has been successful for myself and plenty of other fishermen too.


Fishy Crab
Bake stable fish crab is a great addition to our crustacean flavours. Ideal for all mixes this has a strong crabby aroma.


Ultra condensed scopex flavour, used for over 20 years to great effect in all types of baits and mixes.


This ultra-malt chocolate essence is a P. G. based flavour with a soft, creamy chocolate aroma and taste.

Blue Cheese

Finest quality condensed blue cheese flavour has a powerful and lasting smell with is quite delightful if you are a lover of strong pungent blue veined cheese.


Mixed Fruit

Rich and fruity, this mixed fruit flavour has brought me a lot of fine catches over the years. Lately I’ve been trying in Loch Ken with a mix containing added grounded nuts and it is proving to be a favourite.


Ourons Fishing Attractants

These flavours will only improve the texture of any base mix, These can be used In all ground baits, the making of your own pellets, meat baits, method mixes, or  boilies. These can be successfully applied to your milk proteins, bird foods and your combination mixes. yeasty ingredients and liquids also blend well with these essences.

Creating a smooth profile that is ideal for long term baiting sessions, it is highly recommended within inclusion rate of up to 6 ml per pound of dry mix. (Doesn't Melt PVA)


They can also be used to make your own dips/and glugs. The attraction rate if used as suggested can only improve your carp, coarse fishing, large perch and catfish.

As a tip why not use your chosen boilies into a polythene or plastic bag and seal overnight placing them in the freezer till the next day. They can also be used to make your own dips/and glugs.

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