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  • 1 Litre Aniseed Oil

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  • 1 Litre Aniseed Oil 1 Litre Aniseed Oil

1 Litre Ourons Aniseed Spice Oil This aniseed oil has a strong aniseed aroma. Whilst it also contains other spices, this does not detract from the main aniseed aroma. Include into your mixes at a inclusion rate of no more than 6/8 ml per pound of dry mix.

This has been tried and tested for well over 16 months of constant fishing for various types of fish and carp, bream and roach were the main quarry. This is also suitable to be injected into dead fish, for the elusive pike, as I have done on Loch Ken in Scotland.

Success was obtained for all species of fish, including quite large carp. I have also used this to make small pea sized boilies, sticking them together with super glue then using them on a hair rig. (Try making Paste ) Then make sure you seal it well before placing in the freezer for the next day!

This oil has been a firm favourite for many years because of its unforgettable strong aroma, it smells like the aniseed balls we used to buy when we were small children from the corner sweet shop.

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